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Day Trip to San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that you could spend a weekend in and not get a chance to see everything it has to offer.  It’s a beautiful city with plenty of entertainment, historical landmarks, cuisines, and much more.  If you get a chance to spend a weekend in San Francisco, you’ll want to have a plan for what you do and where you go.  That way you make it a point to see and experience everything you want without getting side tracked.

However, it’s not always possible to get away for a few days, and a day trip is the only feasible option.  Here are a few places that you’ll want to go if you are limited to less than 24 hours in San Francisco

Buena Vista

If you like coffee, and you like Irish whiskey, then Buena Vista needs to be your first stop to start the day in San Francisco.  Not to mention they have over 1,500 google reviews and average a 4.4 stars.  Arriving early is important because this place is always busy as it’s known for having the best Irish coffee you can buy.  There are spots at the bar, or you can have a seat at one of the large round tables, if there is room.  This is a great place to start your day because it’s walking distance from the wharf.


If you love history then you have to take a ferry ride to the most infamous landmark in all of San Francisco.  If you lived under a rock since birth, Alcatraz was a federal prison on an island just 1.25 miles from land from 1934-1963.  There are scheduled tours going to the island on a daily basis, which is why you’ll need to book a trip in advanced if you want to have a spot on the ferry. When you step off the boat and onto the island of Alcatraz, you’ll be greeted by your tour guide who will show you Alcatraz inside and out.  You’ll also be given headphones as you’ll listen to historical facts as you walk through different rooms of Alcatraz.  You can still feel the chilling history of Alcatraz today.

Beer Garden

The beer garden is a seasonal event and begins during the spring and runs through the end of summer.  Surrounded by small shops and the famous Ghirardelli chocolate and ice cream shop, the beer garden is a place full of hops and entertainment.  This is a great place to enjoy a cold beer on a warm day with live music and entertainment.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf alone can provide enough entertainment and fun to last a whole day.  Here you can walk along the wharf and occasionally stop for the different street performers showing off their unique talents.  Most of these street performers are worth stopping and checking out as they are typically something you won’t see anywhere else.  The wharf also has a lot of historical monuments where you can learn about San Francisco bay and what life was like many years ago.  The wharf is also a great place to find food as there are several local seafood restaurants, which are most commonly known for their clam chowder bread bowl.  The wharf is a great place to spend time with family.

Of course San Francisco has much more to offer than these locations.  If you get one day in SF then you can’t go wrong with hanging out at these spots as they are all relatively close to each other.  Spending the day in San Francisco could be enough for some people and families to decide to want to move to San Francisco.

Top historical places to visit

There are many different places on earth that you can visit. Places that you might find interesting and that you can go to as a family or alone. Most people prefer going to the modern, tropical destinations, but there are some people that are looking for the top historical places that you can visit. However, so many don’t know where to start, when they are looking for a historical destination. This is why you should read this. These are the top historical places that you should visit.


The first place that you can visit, when you are looking for historical destinations, then you should consider going to Tikal. This isn’t a popular place to visit among people, but this only because there are so few people that are actually interested in visiting historical places.

Tikal is a Mayan city-state and is situated in Guatemala. The ruins there are buildings from about 200 -900 DC. This is also known as the one of the most preserved places that you can visit. It will let you feel if you are really in the city, in that period. Making this something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Pyramids at Giza

Most of us know about the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. Most of us learn about it in school. However, this is something that you should see for yourself to be able to see how unique and great this historical place this is.

The pyramids are one of a few historical places that are popular and that most of us know about. This is something that is worth seeing if you are on a tour through history. These pyramids are about 3000 years old and are known as one of the oldest things still in good condition.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is an ancient city in Cambodia that you can visit. Here you aren’t only able to see the one or two historical buildings, you will be able to see a whole city. And, you will be surprised about the condition that the city is still in.

This ancient city is hundreds of years old and there are two temples that you can visit in this ancient city. There might be many tourists that are coming here, but it is worth the effort to get to this city and to have an experience that you will not forget.

Everywhere there are a couple of historical places and destinations that you can visit. However, there are some that you should just see. No matter what. These three historical places are the top three places that are hundreds of years old that you just need to see. You can even make a tour of it, and visit all three places to experience the historical life that is still preserved.